Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My New Year's Resolution

I made it five months, on that resolution, without a failure. My resolution to do fifteen minutes a day extra to help unschoolers flagged on Saturday. We were in Alamogordo and on the road for fifteen hours, and when I got home I was just too tired to be useful.

I tried to make up for it yesterday and today, but it's been so long since I had a New Year's Resolution, I don't remember the rules. Is it like AA? I need to start my year over now?

Something I put up today, after editing an ancient word file, is this:

It's the transcript of a chat from 1995 or so. Kirby was nine. I remember someone saying, when Kirby was nine, online to other homeschoolers that my oldest was only nine, so they could disregard what I wrote. My oldest will be 23 next month, and people can still disregard what I write, but I feel big and good. I have three very happy kids. Marty got big new tires on his jeep yesterday. Kirby's being trained for a more particular job. Holly went and untangled a social situation among high school kids today, friends of hers and friends of theirs, and got a stolen iPod back to the mother from whom it had been stolen by her daughter's friend's friend. That's kind of heroic and brave of her. She wasn't even involved, except knowing two of the people and figuring helping them was better than listening to them complain forevermore.

So I'll take a bereavement exemption on Saturday, I guess, and try to finish out the rest of 2009 with fifteen minutes more every day than I would've done anyway.

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Tracy said...

Anyone who keeps a New Year's Resolution past February is a resolutions role model!

I've managed my blips by inserting a clause into my resolution that says (more or less) "subject to change" -- so long as I'm generally headed in the same direction. I guess my plan is to keep my goals (whatever they happen to be this week) in focus at all times.