Thursday, June 11, 2009

Practice Learning Nothing

Perhaps some warm-up exercises for Learn Nothing Day would be useful. Or at least strategy planning and list making. Melissa Wiley has found something like a textbook for Learn Nothing Day! Click that beginning part of her blog post to read the whole thing.

If anyone has suggestions of ways to avoid learning for just the waking portion of one day, please leave notes here! Thanks.


Elisha said...

Last year I spent a lot of the day watching DVDs I've seen dozens of times and can't possibly learn anything new from. I still managed to learn that day, though, darn it! I suggest avoiding friends who aren't participating, especially bright, interesting friends. They constantly sabotaged my efforts *grin*

Sandra Dodd said...

I bought a couple of copies of that book, and left one out in the kitchen. Several people have come by and read it. I told them it had been proposed as the textbook for Learn Nothing Day.

I'm planning to take the second copy with me to the London Unschooling Conference to put out for people to read there, too, because it's new and American and probably not available there.

It's a good one!