Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two New Cats

These cats have been here a month, but they were nervous and unhappy at first, so they lived in the library and the other pets wondered what was up.

Today for the first time I carried Mina, the Siamese-looking-one (she's a Birman) down the stairs from the library into the yard. The other one, Nuee (re-tagged "New Age" and then "Sketchy" by Holly), has been going outside for a couple of weeks, but Mina ("Mina Felina") has only been as far as the main upstairs, to sleep under Holly's bed a few rooms away, a few times. Here they are this morning, outside.

These two had their first intro to human houses with Kim's sister Nova, who is moving to Hawaii to study psychology, and can't take them with her.

I told Broc and Gail the other day that since my kids were getting grown, I was gearing up for my Crazy Cat Lady phase. But more pressing than that is that I've been the cats' protector and buddy, and I'm going to be in the U.K. for three weeks, so I'm creating a new, neutral cat food station in hopes of keeping the cats from being so territorial about their two feeding spots, and am heading off any clashes I see or hear starting and talking reason and peace (as well as I can, not speaking "cat"), so that when I'm gone Keith and Holly and Marty can continue to feed them without so much work as knowing who likes what and where. I'll let those other dishes go empty more often, and wean them down to the new place by the back door and keep that one happily full. I'm also not using any of their familiar dishes there.

If any cat behavioralists (any experienced cat owners) have other ideas for me, I'm willing to read short notes but not books beause I only have a couple of weeks before I journey afar without cats.


Renee Cabatic said...

Cats are happier if they each have their own food and water dish. Also litter box -- if you can stand it. :)
These cats look beautiful. While you're away they may not eat at first or in front of anyone else but leave the food out and it will disappear at night. Or they may eat obsessively and look bigger when you get home--that is what mine do:)

Christa said...

I had two cats for 15yrs. Ditto on the two bowls and the tendency not to eat at first when their primary person leaves. They'll adapt faster though because they won't be alone while you are gone.

Sounds like you have been a very careful sensitive cat owner. Not a surprise. :)

Deanne said...

I mentioned your "crazy cat lady" comment to my daughter Angelica (12), because I knew she would relate. Her response: "I can't wait for my crazy cat lady phase!" ;)

mandaroo63 said...

I think I've been a "crazy cat lady" all my life..having always had at least 1 or 2 at a time (now have 4, 1 indoor, 1 indoor/outdoor and 2 outdoor) Our recent we got a few months ago is now getting along with our in/out cat, but hisses at the 2 outdoors through the screen. They're a bit feral (I did get them spayed though) but stay close and I feed them. For indoors I fed them separately at first but now use one of those bowls normally used one side for water other for food and fill them both with food. They actually eat right next to each other now and don't fight at all. Took a few weeks for them to get used to each other now, and now they play sometimes. Have a wonderful time in England. Wish I was there! : )

Katy said...

I have 9 cats, 8 until recently, my friend was moving so we took in hers. I have always had only one bowl. It is a big bowl though, and the new addition has his own in the crate that he came in if he wants it, the crate door stays open. He has been eating along with the rest of the herd though. The one in the crate will go away in a few weeks. My family has always called me crazy cat lady. I will have to get you the crazy cat lady action figure, she comes with 8 cats!

Sandra Dodd said...

-=-I will have to get you the crazy cat lady action figure, she comes with 8 cats! -=-

I am not worthy, I am not worthy!

Albuquerque has a pet limit. I can never have eight cats. I guess I need to move to another town to really be a cat lady. I'm just a dabbler, with four.