Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So if the churches had appliance sales and karate schools, where's Jesus appearing?

Two places just this week, in my life:

Oh, wait—that first one is upside down. I'm sure the other is upside down sometimes, too.

Buff Jesus is on the side of a building where many buildings are painted by overnight volunteers, in Stoke's Croft, in Bristol. The other image (Butt Jesus?) was sent to me by my daughter, and is a link, but we don't know where or when this miracle was spotted.

I did go to church in Ashford at the end of last month. And I'm going this Sunday to Kirkhope Church, Ettrickbridge. That's just in case anyone here thought I was a totally disrespectful heathen. I am a reverent heathen.

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Cap'n Franko said...

I'm always happy when I go into a church that lightning doesn't destroy the entire building just to get me.

My god is a jealous god - Jupiter.