Monday, June 10, 2013

Sanitized for Your Protection

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It was Joyce's idea, and a good one. She wore it all more properly.
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The original had artistic license, and couldn't have been actually done, due to the realities of the weight of some materials and the weakness of others. Also we would have needed a screwdriver.

Sometimes archeologists do get it wrong.

For anyone reading who doesn't know what's being historically-re-enacted here, keep an eye out for the book Motel of the Mysteries. It's about what people know, and why, and how, and the importance of archeology. Or something.


BetteAnne said...

Oh my gosh! I woke up to this and almost spit my coffee out! Hysterical. I LOVE it!!!!!!
Love your sense of humor!
Ps... now Sandra and Joyce you are not only the most prolific of writers, I add you to my favorite comedians. Thanks for making planet earth a much happier and Joyful place!

Timothy D. Legg said...

An anthropology prof showed me Motel Of The Mysteries in college. I never imagined anybody writing a joke doctoral thesis and publishing it as a book. I bought about three of them and over the years, handed them all out as gifts. I like your sense of humor. I can see myself trying this out, but also use the nylon bristled aspergillum for anointing my friends with the holy water.

Sandra Dodd said...

I'm glad to have your note, Timothy. Sorry I didn't approve it sooner. I need to give this blog a tune-up!

That book

Sandra Dodd said...

...that book used to be freely available when it was newish, and for a long while after!