Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I've been having more fun than allows me to post anything. Busy, busy, busy.

I've started a new blog on wheelbarrows, and here's a photo of an old one next door to the Sirokys (who have three of their own). Ester and I took junk off of it—an old sink, a road sign, a grill made of an oil drum with welded-on-legs—so I could photograph it. I had thought maybe we would set it down, but it had been against that wall so long that it was as mossy as the stones, so we didn't touch it. One of the support members for the axle had fallen, too. I didn't touch that either.

Here are more views of things just around the Siroky's house. If you click one, you'll get a slide show with larger images.

Even their back door is picturesque (where the trashcans are). This house (the minister's house, or manse, of the church which is next door) was built in 1811. The church is a few hundred years older.

Here's the new Wheelbarrow Blog.

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