Friday, July 05, 2013

Links to lots of photos

In the lefthand column at this blog is a link to photos. It goes here:

Some are blog posts, some are photobucket folders, and I'm sorry that some of the photobucket images upload sideways. I don't understand why, I've written to them and mentioned the also-mysterious fact that to turn them 90° to the right, I must click "rotate left" (clearly marked with a counter-clockwise ("anti-clockwise" in the UK)arrow in a circle, looking like a north American roundabout.

Some of the photos are really great! Many more are just things I wanted to look at again, or remember, or maybe use for Just Add Light and Stir, but you're welcome to poke through them, and to use them if you credit me (or whichever photographer is credited, when I've uploaded other people's things, a time or two).

 photo DSC00990.jpg

Here's a cool building reflected in a car. Photobucket had turned it. I put it upright, but then duplicated it and put it back "the wrong way" because the building looked so cool.

 photo DSC00323.jpg  photo DSC00323-1.jpg

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