Friday, July 26, 2013

"Hoover" and Henry

So in the UK they call vacuuming "hoovering." They "hoover" things the way we blow our noses on kleenex (regardless of the actual manufacturor or provider of paper tissues).

In Chichester Cathedral, things were quite somber and serious, except for this guy, who was doing his regular job, operated by another cheerful young guy doing his regular job.

 photo DSC04085.jpg

I had already used that image on a post elsewhere (click it to see), when I went to a charity shop and saw his mini-me!

Henry is neither a Hoover nor a Dyson. What is Henry's verb? Surely he sucks, but does he hoover? This is not really for Americans to know.


Catherine said...

We have a Henry! They are great. If I was using the Henry I would say I was hoovering. I suppose some people might say vacuuming instead.

Have you looked at Henry videos on YouTube? There are loads and some are really creative. Here is a nice one that my son has enjoyed watching many times:
Sarah Lee - Lady Fortune

Sandra Dodd said...

Thank you! Henry hoovers. That is so sweet. I'll look on youtube, too, sometime.