Sunday, July 21, 2013

Exotic gravel

I brought a few small rocks with me that I picked up from gravel in Albuquerque. They were all river rocks (rounded), of porous and bubble-filled lava rock. Some were like these, and some *were* these:

 photo DSC09022.jpg

Today in Liphook I saw gravel made of black slate:

There is the shadow of my camera, and of two people wondering why I was taking a photo of gravel.

When we were in Zaltbommel, in the Netherlands, where they don't have rocks, and make their castles and bridges of bricks, there was a long path and a public area done all in gravel, of the sort they do have.

There was in the fountain, some regular gravel made of rocks. I don't know where they got it. I'm not exaggerating their use of brick. Roads, houses, walls, churches... brick, brick, brick.

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