Monday, July 22, 2013

Reflection of a crane, in Liverpool

I go home the day after tomorrow. There is too much to see here for me to really keep up with processing all the photos I'm taking, but I like this reflection, of the crane and of older buildings.

 photo DSC03556.jpg

When I get home, I'll be busy telling stories, eating familiar food, sleeping in my own bed, seeing Keith's new car, and visiting Marty and Ashlee (who moved out while I was gone) in their new place (which is our old place, and Keith's parents' very old place, from when Keith was pre-school age). I might never finish processing photos! But in the lefthand column of this blog is a list of places and dates, and links to photos when they're available, in case you want to see what I saw on my adventures, and what looked interesting to me.

Here's the rest of the Liverpool time:

Note seven years later:

When I stop paying for photobucket, which has devolved sadly, the photos will be here, but not as visible. You might need to click each one...

I'm grateful to Vlad Gurdiga who, in 2020, imported all those photobucket folders to my site, with the same name. So if you're ever looking for a photo (of you, or of something I took), you can try replacing the photobucket-beginning of the URL with sandradodd.

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