Monday, October 19, 2009

A year... news of a year

(Moved here from Live Journal and backdated.)

I don't know why things disappeared. Maybe that's part of a fee account--that photos dissolve over time. I don't know.

Today I was at physical therapy and a doctor, and that's nearing the end of a month's pain and mystery, but had to do with pinched nerves front and back of my right hip. Blah blah, blah. Not as bad as Carolyn's back injury in Egypt, for sure. I was only in southern California when mine took me down. That was a month and a few days ago.

Holly has been in Oregon since then. She'll be home November, when she will have been 18 years old for three days. She might have a tattoo, on her back or side, when I see her. Leaves or a tree, I think. Or not.

A couple of weeks and some days after her return, Holly will go to England for a several weeks, then back here again in January. She won't really be living here, this next time. We have guests from India who'll be staying in her room.

Hema and her family were the catalysts for the Monkey Platter Festival, three days of unschooling messing-around in the middle of the second week of November.

In January, Keith and all the kids and I are involved with an unschooling symposium in Santa Fe. I'm looking forward to it! Sandra's Unschooling Symposium in Santa Fe.

Looking back the other way, I spoke in Phoenix in March, London in July, and San Diego in September. I'm glad to be home, and glad to be able to walk and do some things around the house and yard.

News of the year might should have included that Holly went to Iowa for ten days or so, then to Austin to get Swine Flu from Kirby (not the original plan, but...) and then home to be deliriously sick, and then Marty and I were sick for a week and a half, together. That didn't help my hip any either.

Also "London in July" was the pinpoint, but the surroundings involved Wales to Norfolk and some places in between. I got to stay with Schuyler, Carolyn, Joy and Julie, and that was fun!! And tiring. And wonderful and memorable.

Leaves are fluttering around the back yard, Marty is sleeping in the other room, probably Kirby is sleeping in Austin (or getting up to go to work; he works from afternoon until after midnight), and Holly might be waking up from a long sleep following 40 hours or so awake and discussing evolution and learning, dreams and memory, parenting and Being. Keith's at work; we've spoken twice today. I'm feeling half still and half agitated. Seems it would be a balance, but it's not comfortable. Still, I love my life and my family.

(OH! And I have another unschooling book, a bigger one: The Big Book of Unschooling)

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