Saturday, October 24, 2009

African violets, and the Return of the Sea Onion

When I was younger I didn't much like plants and my mom and sister wondered why I didn't. All my aunts did. My maternal grandmother did. I guess I was busy with the guitar and books and friends.. Now in my advancing age I guess I'm making up for lost time. And people keep giving me plants I didn't even know they were going to give me, sometimes that I kinda didn't want. But they're cheaper than cats, and we have room, so I'll share some of the slow-mo excitement here. A few people will care and it's unlikely to offend those who don't.

I received a very nice note today with an order for the Big Book,and I need to share this with my family and with all those who have participated in discussions and contributed things for my unschooling collection:

Very sweet note, and I wrote and thanked her.

Reminders: Monkey Platter Festival (November 10-12, Albuquerque) and SUSS (January 7-9, Santa Fe)

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