Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mountain and sky trivia

Photos of clouds are never as great as the straight-on view, but there were some great colors with the sunrise this morning. There was some gold and purple too, but those moments are fleeting and not always photographable.

That white thing on the left is the reflection of the ceiling light in the room behind me. Sorry.

Between the TV antenna and the window frame on the right, there's a bright spot on the mountain ridge. It doesn't show as brightly as it looked directly, but it was the sun glaring off a restaurant window, into my eyes. It was so bright it hit my eye when I wasn't even looking at it and I looked up to see what it was. By the time I got the camera on it was slightly dimmer.

A half an hour later, the sky above the mountains is all blue.

I'm glad to see those mountains out the window.


zamozo said...

I can imagine the pinks and golds as I was walking along a lake at sunrise this morning and witnessed such a beautiful sight myself! How fortunate you are to have a mountain-view most days!

Hema Bharadwaj said...

WOW.. can't wait to see those mountains.

Heather said...

We have mountain views out of our windows, too. I love watching the sun rise over them and have many, many cloud pictures