Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The new improved Monkey Platter Festival schedule


What's new is swimming will be Wednesday night at a city pool with a big slide, and Thursday will be an afternoon at the zoo.

More details, times and links to maps and webpages are all at the link above. There's no longer any fee (because we cancelled the site that needed one), there's no longer any hotel (not counting Albuquerque's full of them, if anyone needs one), but it might cost your family to get into Explora and the Zoo. If you have any memberships (direct or reciprocal) please hunt down and have those cards! The pool costs a little.

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Anonymous said...

I sure would love to come. It sounds wonderful. But I'm so far away, and money is tight. But, one day, I truly hope to meet you. Enjoy your friends and the activities.