Saturday, July 07, 2012

Bad Guys took my Macbook!!

E-mail will not be happening the right way with me until tomorrow; sorry. My Macbook was stolen by a window-smashing burglar (or two) from Julie Daniel's house. Evil bad guys. The iPad was right next to it, and they left that. Adam had his iPad in the van. We had gone to see Ice Age 4. Keith looked up the serial number for me so we could report it to the very nice policeman who was already here when we got back. The house has an alarm, and the robbers went out the front door (having first thrown a big brick through the glass door into the dining room).

I don't have my cordless keyboard for the iPad, and I can hardly type without a real keyboard, so I've borrowed Julie's computer for this (and a note on Facebook).

The purpose of this post is mostly so I'll have a record of the date.

The one I had was bought after I dropped my first MacBook (the one Holly uses now) and broken the glass. So I got a 13" Macbook Pro at a computer shop in Cardiff in July 2009 (possibly early August).

So I'll get another one (not sure yet whether the insurance will cover it) and get the dealer (I hope) to back it up from my external hard drive; I had backed it up two nights ago. I'll try not to leave it visible through a window.

My photos are on photobucket, my blogs and my website are accessible from any computer, and so it's not as bad as it could have been.

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