Friday, July 06, 2012


I was in Philadelphia last year touring an odd little place by myself, and a young Japanese tourist wanted me to take her photo, with her camera. I did, and she offered to do the same for me. I told her I was too old to need photos of myself. She said I would never be this young again. So I let her take my picture.

Today is Keith's 56th birthday, and he was born in 1956. I remember how excited I was when I turned 53 and was born in 1953, so I told Holly she was going to be 91 because she was born in 1991. Not only was she not amused, but she figured out the whole pattern of such birthdays, and I was left in the dust of her mathematical-patterns brain, which she got from her father, who is 56 today.

For Graham, who liked this song, and Keith who is as young as he's going to get, in this direction, and for me to be able to find it easily...

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