Thursday, July 05, 2012

Connections in all directions

I loved my time in the Netherlands. Rippy and Graham were exceptional hosts and their family is sweet.

Rippy and I went up into the belltower (not as high as the carillion bells, but pretty far up) with one of their every-half-hour tours of six people. That by itself was pretty cool. A tour guide and six people go up and come down and then another group of six goes.

There's a walkway all the way around, 40 meters up. This photo was brought to mind by one that Lori Odhner had on her Marriage Moats blog today, so I've brought them onto the same page. They are, in a way, just the same. :-)

The photo Lori used is by Brita Conroy, and it accompanied Lori's writing about different cultures, and families, and houses.
Click it to get to that post, if you want to.

More photos from the day in Amsterdam may be viewed here, but don't expect them all to be as pretty as the one above. Some are coots' nests on odd things in canals. Some are sad. Some are fuzzy. There are two pipe organs, in the same church. These two photos go together:


welivelearning said...

I've been reading your website for the last 2 years and I'm reading your Big book, too. I'm an unschooling mother of 3 from Spain and I'd love to thank you for awakening things in me. I loved hearing your conference about mindfull parenting with Ren.


Sandra Dodd said...

Yvonne, thank you for your kind note. I'm glad your children will have the benefit of all this swirl of ideas.

The talk with Ren that Yvonne is talking about is here:

It has a written exchange we did in advance of that conference, and you can hear the recording of the talk, for free, at the bottom of that page, or download it to listen to elsewhere.