Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rippy's family in Leiden

At the end of June, I stayed for a week with Rippy Dusseldorp's family, in Leiden, in the Netherlands. I had a really wonderful time, and would've been willing to live there (you know, if all the rest of the world had some sort of power outage or other problem, and I had to stay where I was for a while, in some sci-fi/fantasy way, you know).

Today, Rippy sent me an e-mail. It was too nice not to share so I sent it back rudely and told her to put it on a blogpost. Well not exactly. But she'll tell the story. And before she does, I'm going to show you a photo, so you won't need to click one of her links.

You can read her post here: and if you read through that blog (its three whole posts), you will come to a link to an older blog, where you can see her husband Graham, and her dad who died not so long ago, and her children without tiger and butterfly disguises.

Here's what the family looked like one day when I was there:

Rippy organized the day in Leiden, and my notes from the day are here, with photos and a sound file and a picture of the tile I was given as a gift. It's kind of a big deal.

When Rippy sent me that first e-mail, I was working on a new web page to house something she wrote. That is here: Responding to questions and it's not finished yet (but for people who read this after July 29, it might be).

Julie Daniel and Adam were in Leiden, too, for four of the days, and I think their families will be friends for many years, as the kids hit it off wonderfully. There's a photo of them here: Live in joy (at Just Add Light and Stir).

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