Monday, August 04, 2008

Fly, little worms—Be Free!

I have liberated my enslaved redworms. Over the five months these worms created wonder-dirt for me, I got good at recognizing their egg-things (pellets, cocoons) and putting them back in with the worms when I changed the dirt out every week or so.

I learned a lot and greatly improved my yard, but it's very hot these days and the bin's getting stinky and I had taken it outside and I feared for it to dry up and kill them, so I dug holes in a long compost berm I have in the east side yard that's being reclaimed from rocks and trash, and I buried half of them (worm-bin material and all) in each side of it. I'm sure they'll be happy there, and the yard that needs enlivening the most will get some. I have sunflowers and other birdseed planned there, and the compost is a barrier to keep the water in that corner.

Holly's away with the camera. Maybe I'll add a photo later.

Life will be more peaceful for them and for me too, and it clears up the corner where the worm operation and its supplies (vinyl gloves, three plastic bins for sorting, extra worm bin for moving them into (traded them back and forth) lived. I'm sure they'll be happier too.

Here's where I first wrote about them. worms

They had a much bigger bin later on. Now they have the whole real world. I didn't tag them or we could see if any showed up in any of your yards, now that they are free!

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