Friday, August 01, 2008

Learn Nothing Day follow-up

Learn Nothing Day was an exercise, a goof, "a happening" (in 60's terms), a game, a tool, a shared experience. There was no such thing as real failure and no one really expected any "success" (lack of learning). It was an international demonstration of the idea that when people enjoy and focus on learning, it cannot help but happen.

I will continue to collect commentary and images at If any of your friends or relatives express doubt that people will learn naturally, or if they ask you if you ever take a break from unschooling, that might be a good place to send them.

Animal: Mark, at greenraven.blogspot
Mineral: Flo Gascon and Camille Lavallee at sumbthucker.blogspot
Vegetable: Anza Firetail at deviantart
Video: MD and Alex Polikowsky at YouTube

Eleven judges, finally, pinpointed the four winning images. I would've gone with fewer judges, but there kept being ties. I wanted more than one vote's difference, so I recruited more judges. Thank you entrants and judges and viewers!

For writing on lists and for blog posts and links and photos of get-togethers and of cars with windows painted, thank you! I've tried to link back to everyone. If I've missed any, please let me know. You've helped me create an electronic monument to learning.

Some of the follow-up writings are here: Review of the first Learn Nothing Day.


Anonymous said...

Sandra, I bought a t-shirt. Pink. It looks really lovely with the artwork and some green shorts, so I wear it a lot. It always gets comments.

Usually I just say, "Try it. Try going a whole day without learning anything!"

I got to explain what an autodidact was. Sometimes I just say, "It's a joke." Most times, I just try to get away.

But I love my pink t-shirt!

Sandra Dodd said...

I have a green one, and I'm wearing it today!

Sadie got one on yellow, and that design does look good on other colors, for sure.

Thanks for the stories.