Thursday, August 21, 2008

Underwater Lawn Furniture, and VISITORS!

Joyce Fetteroll and her daughter Kathryn are on their way here and will visit for a week. Their real target event is a Judas Priest concert next Wednesday. So until then we'll be tourists and talk about unschooling and stuff. Sounds wonderful.

In a recent discussion somewhere, wooden vs. plastic cutting boards came up and I was glad to know that wood is as sanitary or moreso! I filed that away but didn't generalize it until today I was cleaning my hot tub. It was all drained and I was wiping the benches with 409. Because it's wood fired, ash gets in the water, and because it's New Mexico, dust and sand get in the water, and because it's partly under a tree it gets tree parts (different parts depending on the season). And people sit in it.

We opted not to use chemicals, but to clean it every week. So today when I was just wiping the last water out of the lowest side, I remembered the cutting boards! Woohoo! Maybe my wood hot tub is as sanitary or moreso than a fiberglass one. Maybe it's only more sanitary than a PVC one that people have been cutting meat and vegetables on the sides of... Yeah. With no chopping and food prep going on, maybe it's not the same comparison, but maybe-just-maybe it is.

So I feel better about those benches and they're getting all new water.

Here's Joyce, and here is my hot tub.


Stephanie said...

How cool to hang out with Joyce for a week :)

I would love a hot tub, right now I just soak in my bathtub.

I read that about cutting boards too and I have always had a wood one and I stick it in the dishwasher.

Lori said...

Someday ... I will be a visitor who gets to share in the joy of your hot tub! ;-)

Tina said...

I've had both, plastic and wooden boards. Now I use wooden only. I've read/heard that wood closes/grows around any bacteria left on it and absorbs it into the inside. Not sure if it is true or not. I just wash mine in hot soapy water and reuse.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking your title says "underwear"- But no where in your post do you speak of it--- ha ha- finally caught on- it was "underwater"

Sandra Dodd said...

Julie, I could write one. "Underwear and VISITORS!"
(reasons to wear underwear at least in case you have unexpected visitors)

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