Sunday, August 31, 2008

Holly's progress, and praise for Brett

Holly had her wisdom teeth out Friday morning, was much better Saturday, and woke up today hungry and in pain. Last night she slept 11 hours. That's good! But she didn't wake up to take ibuprofen. So she was achy and sore, but not enough to take hydrocodone. She ate scrambled eggs with cheese, then two large cooked carrots (crock-potted in chicken broth at her request overnight Friday), then more scrambled eggs.

Yesterday when she felt better, she made this:

Her boyfriend Brett M-W deserves huge credit for her quick, calm, peaceful recovery. Friday he sat next to her where she was on the recliner end of a couch for five or six hours. When the oral surgeon called to check on Holly, I gave the phone to Brett and let him discuss the details. Brett has been patient, gentle, sweet and attentive with her, even when she was delirious, drooling and puking (luckily she didn't do all three at the same time).


hahamommy said...

So, if your kid *did* try heroin, it would be a well-documented, picture-filled experience :)
Hooray for choosing a partner who loves you through pain & delirium & drooling & puking... there's not much left that boy can't handle -- even from Holly! ♥

laura said...

oh not the wisdom teeth!! i had mine out when i was a teen too...and it was a few days before christmas...and i was on my period. it all around sucked!! happy recovering!

Jodi said...

Glad she is recovering so quickly. I am scared.. my 15 yo daughter has hers cut-out on the 8th. They haven't surfaced and won't before causing major problems, so this is why they'll be cut out and not just pulled. But I think I'll be more scared than her, and I know she is scared to have it done as well. *sigh*

Frank said...

Holly has my sympathy. I had my wizzies done one side at a time and it was still a desperately unpleasant experience. I was eating percodans like M&Ms.

Rock on, Holly!

Anet said...

What a great boyfriend! Isn't nice when your daughter has a nice boyfriend? My daughter finally has a great one after several disaster!

She's lookin pretty cute for being in pain!

gail said...

Loved the pictures...So glad you're recovering Holly. Hello from Broc, Gail, Brenna and Logan!

Sylvia said...

ah, the chipmunk cheeks of wisdom teeth extraction! I had mine out one week before my 18th birthday.

A partner who will sit with you thru that is almost certainly a keeper.

Paige said...

Oh, cute pics, Holly!

Shelby (15 this month) had hers out a couple of months ago, and did way better than I expected...sleeping most of the next day or so helped tremendously. And sherbet didn't hurt, either!

Shelby's boyfriend (14) is having his wisdom teeth taken out Thursday, and asked her last night if she'd come over Friday to "hang" with him while he recovers. Let's hope there's no puking...if Shelby takes after me, she'll be throwing up, too! :-)