Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marty and Liz and the day

Hot off the presses pixels... uh... cameraphone.

Anyway, this is Marty and his girlfriend Liz, taken by Holly just a few hours ago when Marty took Liz, Holly and Brett out to lunch.

In the winter Marty was being kinda cranky and Holly said "Marty needs a job and a girlfriend." Perhaps so. Now that he has a job, a girlfriend, a jeep and is some kind of Rock Band whiz in his spare time, he seems happy all the time.

I know no season and no person lasts forever, but today our family is laughing and happy. And I talked to Kirby mid-day and he seems to be doing all kinds of great. Then Holly and I went to the post office and the mall and had a productive and relaxed, fun time. I sent some things for the HSC raffle and they need to be there SOON (I didn't find out about it until early today), but they're packed and gone. Holly's new shoes came in but they're a little too big so we went to Journeys to ask them to send the next smaller size. They're some high-top Vans the store doesn't usually carry, but it's cheaper and quicker to order through the store than through the catalog. She was totally patient and good-natured about it, not like I would've been when I was her age (not like my parents bought me nice shoes, though my dad did buy me some blue suede hiking boots when I was like a college junior).

Anyway, even though our car is in the shop there is much peace and love here.


kelli said...

Yay! Pics and a name *g* Inquiring minds have been wanting to know. She's very cute and her laughing with Marty is sweet.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Having known you and Keith since you (we) were almost the ages your kids are becoming, it's fascinating to watch their faces change and pick out aspects of each of you. Really glad your house is peaceful and loving!

Sandra Dodd said...

"Almost" is upon us. Keith was nearly 21 when I met him; I was turning 24 the year I joined. Kirby is 22. Brett is 24.

Anonymous said...

Fine. Make me be brutally honest about how old we're all getting, and how long it's been [VBG]
They're good looking kids, and it brings back fun memories of us at those ages.

Sandra Dodd said...

-=-They're good looking kids, and it brings back fun memories of us at those ages. -=-

Oh! Thanks.
Marty does look like Keith used to, doesn't he?

And I'm *sure* you were younger then than Holly is now. :-) (But seriously, you were the youngest of that group, and so Hollyesque, in context...)


gail said...

So cool to feel connected to you all by seeing pictures of the special people in Holly and Marty's lives. Nice to hear about happy times from "back home" in New Mexico. Very sweet pictures...thanks for sharing them.