Saturday, October 11, 2008

Connections in the yard

These would have looked better photographed in the morning. They were starting to close.
I might have put these photos on my 100 Species Challenge blog, but I had already written about Morning Glories and Sunflowers, so I'll link those here and this there, and there will be even more connections in the world.

This morning I was working outside and realized it's not the morning glories on the now-empty sunflower stalks that make beauty. It's the way the are so clearly still alive.

I was pretty good at making little videos with the old camera, but this one's harder to hold, so sorry for it being shaky.

I know hundreds of years ago it was exciting for a book to have an illustration of a flower, or for there to be blossoms in paintings. Sixty years ago it was very cool that people could take close-up photos of flowers that even showed raindrops and bugs. But now? People have seen photos of flowers. What's missing now is that more often than not, flowers are moving with the slightest breeze.

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