Monday, October 13, 2008

Holly's baby dolls

Holly, who loved the movie "Stand By Me" when she was a little girl, who kept up with her big brothers, who plays with dolls at 16, who has lately discovered Shrinky Dinks and who counsels adult friends... I just love that she does things when and as she wants to instead of adopting or rejecting interests based on her age. She's very self-possessed and whole. She makes a good doll-mom and someday she'll make a good baby-mom.

Most of the doll clothes are real baby clothes.

Holly did the photos too. Holly chose the carpet for the stairs too. Holly, Holly, Holly. (I love Holly.)


hahamommy said...

*I* LOVE HOLLY, too ♥ The sweet pangs of watching her, what is the word??, it's not grow (though that's amazing too), it's not mature (as she's always been about 112 to me), it's, it's *blossom*? I just know that there's one amazing chick and I'm honored to bear witness to this journey :)

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I'm sure I've told you if I had a daughter her name was going to be Holly. I have a Holden and I always loved the name Holly. One of my best friends as a kid was named Holly. So kudos to Holly!

I love the photos and how the first set moves, like magic.

~Heather in Iowa

Sandra Dodd said...

Like Holly magic.

I'm glad to have a daughter, but I regret seeming to flaunt her to Holden's mom and Hannah's mom. I guess the best I can do is love and appreciate her and share her a little with moms without daughters.

My Mamaw, my dad's mom, never had a daughter, and she died a few months after Marty was born. She told me sadly, when she met Kirby (named after her oldest surviving son) that she wished I had had a daughter because every mother should have a daughter. So I think of my all-boys Mamaw often, when Holly makes me glad to be her mom.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I think it is sooo awesome how proud you are of Holly. I have two boys and always expected to have two girls. I am grateful for what I got. Either way would have been fine.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

It's always a comfort to check in here when I've had an encounter with someone complaining about their "teens". She's amazing. (Love the face-artwork below -- reminds me of a Maori tribesman. Wait. Tribeswoman?)

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

PS I googled "moko" and got some beautiful images. Was that was Holly was doing with the face designs?

Tall Kate said...

Your feelings about your daughter are so beautiful. What a testament to unschooling and respectful parenting, to have this loving relationship with your teen.

Stephanie said...

I love how she did the pictures.

We use real baby clothes on Cassie's dolls too.

I see she has an anatomically correct doll.

My sister and I each had one when we were kids, I don't know where to find them now, maybe Ebay.

Sally said...

To Holly: thanks for letting your mom share your life with us (and to Marty and Kirby and Brett and Keith, too). You and your dolls inspire me, at 28, to live unashamedly.

:) Sally Lopez