Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My back yard, October 2008

When I say "Virginia," pretend I actually knew where Miranda lived before New York. (oh! I was right. Virginia.)
When I say "hollyhocks" pretend I said "lilacs," which is what I meant, though both of them look pretty ratty-sad this time of year. (I did mean to say hollyhocks on the first one, though next year they will be discouraged in favor of hanging tomatos on that sunny corner!)

The ground in New Mexico only looks like that where this kind of weedy bamboo stuff is. It looks like that in our yard. We're nine or ten miles east of the Rio Grande, up near the southern end of the Sandias.

Miranda's yard video and her house. For those who don't know Miranda, she'll be speaking at the Good Vibrations conference in San Diego next September (as will I).

If anyone else has back yard tours online, I'd be glad to go look!

NOTE: I think what we've been calling bamboo in our yard is "Arundo donax"—giant reed grass. If we were in the SE U.S. it would be a big weed and we could go here to find out how to kill it: http://www.invasive.org/eastern/srs/GR.html

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