Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sixth Picture

Another game of chance. A randomizing factor in real life.

Okay. I have this from Mandaroo's blog. You take the sixth photo from your sixth file. I'm going to do it from photobucket, the main folders. I haven't looked yet. Hers was a very cool Dia de los Muertes figure.

Mine is...

Brett Henry, in his cowboy hat, which dates it to before the mystery Brit stole it at Frontier Restaurant.

Here's another photo from my Brett Henry collection. This one is Kirby, Brett and Marty (seated, in red) at a pirate party a couple of years ago.

My kids have hung out with Brett since he was eight or nearly nine, maybe. He left school in third grade or so, and they hung out at park days when they were little, and increasingly other times as they got older. Marty and Holly will be at a Halloween party at his house tomorrow night.

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mandaroo63 said...

Just saw your link on my blog. Thanks for playing and linking. I love his name "Brett Henry", sounds so famous : )