Friday, October 24, 2008

Marty looking different

Marty worked eight hours of unusual unrepeatable labor, came home and crashed out. Holly documented. The other is the night before, one of Holly photography tricks (extra-much hair) demonstrated with Marty. She puts a plastic headband on backwards (back up toward the top) to get lots of hair showing. Marty has hair like his dad's—straighter in front than in back.

I started to do a Friday-fill-in, but my answers would've been boring because I'm happy to be where I am, I feel fine, and although I have no plans for the weekend, I have every expectation that it will be rich and good. But that's how most of my moments are. Boring to read about, but not boring to live.

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hahamommy said...

It's nice to see him asleep because he's *tired* and not sick!!