Tuesday, September 23, 2008

अद्दिच्शन और ड्यूटी?

Am I really being transposed to an Indian font? My computer is broken. It's been shutting itself off in ways that test my calm (and I'm usually calm, although I've lost thousands of words of good writing in the past few days). I already had an appointment for this morning at the Genius Bar, so I'll take it and say "It used to turn itself off and now it doesn't turn itself on."

Meanwhile, I thought I'll just use Marty's laptop; no problem. Well... I can't figure out how to get into my photobucket. My saved passwords aren't all memorized, and the files where the e-mails telling what my passwords are are on the other computer? Will I learn from this? Probably not. Maybe.

So I wanted to bring a cartoon here, but my hands know Mac and not PC hand movements. Seriously, I kinda wish at the moment I were a hunt-and-peck typist. People who can help me are sleeping.

Is it addiction or duty that makes me think if my computer can't be fixed I'm coming home with a new one? Obsession? Habit? Fear that I'll hurt the feelings of someone who has e-mailed me for something I can't provide (if I can even find the e-mail)?

Well... to any who read this, if anyone asks where I am, I might be working in my yard, trying not to cry. Or I might be at the Apple store, or watching a movie and eating popcorn. Things could be worse. My phone still works and my kids are all safe and well.

AH. Good. I wanted to comment on this, and the clue it might provide to why some people who come to unschooling discussions are infuriated by actual attempts to help them. Where does the urge to resist something on principle come from?

And should I stop using Macintosh computers after 20 years and break down and learn to cut and paste on a PC? But my Word files... my sense of superiority for being a Mac user... What would become of those? And how can I change the font on my title?


Anonymous said...

There could be many reasons why the title is in Hindi (Devnagri script).
There are two places where you can set language: one is at dashboard and the second is at setting - Formatting. Change it to English.

In Setting - Basic, go to the bottom at 'Enable transliteration?' and then disable it. Re-title your post in English and publish. Your titles should change back to English.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry about your computer, I sure hope you get it fixed soon. I have been frustrated with my laptop as it seems to have a mind of it's own sometimes.

Last week it wouldn't turn on for a few days so now I'm afraid to turn it off.

I do rely on this machine as my portal to the outside world.

Sandra Dodd said...

It's fixed. It cost less than $100 and three hours, but I felt lost without it. I'm not quite better yet. I hear the motorcycle noise of my husband getting home from work. A hug and some ice water and I might be better.

The title is supposed to say "addiction or duty?" I think. I might just leave it as a monument to being glad I know how to use the internet so easily on my Mac!

Madeline Rains said...

I'm relieved to hear your happy ending. Leave the Mac world? yikes! We got my kids a pc in order to play games on it that didn't work as well on a mac. But now they have downloaded W.O.W. onto my mac so I am having to learn the pc. : / It is truly a different world. What a traumatic time that was! You handled it much more maturely than I would have.

Sandra Dodd said...

-=-What a traumatic time that was! You handled it much more maturely than I would have. -=-

It's because I'm old. I mean... more mature. :-)

Hema Bharadwaj said...

It says Addichshun actually.
The word Duty, however, is transliterated correctly.

Madeline Rains said...

I am back. ; ) I've nominated you for an award. It is on my blog.