Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Holly rockin' out gently

Holly and Ben, last night, playing a new song they didn't know yet.

That dress she's wearing is my wedding dress. She was wearing it without all its accompaniments (sash and shoes), but there it is... She changed a while later and went to spend time with one of her new high school friends. She's hanging out with three girls who go to La Cueva High School. She might go to the homecoming dance with them.

Marty had been playing with them earlier, but left to go to the state fair with Brett Henry (where they saw Molly Hatchet free), because Brett who usually spends a lot of time at the state fair is being sent to Chicago for a week or two, for work. (As I'm posting this, Marty has gone to take Brett to the airport.)

Other Brett (Holly's boyfriend) was upstairs on a scheduled World of Warcraft raid.

That's how my house is the past several hours.

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Jodi said...

LOL Gotta love Rock Band! Amanda (my dd) is mad because her Rock Band 2 copy has not come yet. I am hoping today.