Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"No contact sports"

Gratuitous Photos (none from today)

I wish Marty could still be comforted as easily as when we could hold him while he slept.

Joy, one day.

Marty buried Holly once, a little bit. I can hear them laughing in the den. He must be feeling better.

My dishwasher repair guy was a few hours late, but made up for it with entertaining stories and showing me how to disassemble the drain, and to "reboot" the electronics.

Marty was sick and had swollen glands behind his ears that reminded me of Star Trek TNG and creepy parasitical aliens, so I took him to urgent care. I hoped for antibiotics, but instead they took various fluids, told him he didn't have strep throat, and they'd call the next day with more news. Meanwhile, he was given two written notices: no working at a restaurant until Friday (in case it's something contagious) and no contact sports (so he doesn't get hit in the spleen or other abdominal organs that aren't feeling so great).

Holly needed me to go where a permission form was for her to go to a homecoming dance this weekend with some high school girls she likes. We didn't make it before I had a 7:30 meeting scheduled...

No armored combat for Marty. No touching forks and spoons in a place of culinary business.

I was at a restaurant for an hour and some talking with friends I care very much about, on a subject I care much less about. But it was important and now it's done.

Then Holly drove me to her friend's house (many turns on curvy roads in the dark.) I met the parents and signed the papers.

I talked with Flo Gascon about some details of the Good Vibrations Conference near San Diego next September. She's the owner/organizer. I'm to be a speaker. I'm excited about it.

Tomorrow, except for going to the post office and taking some things to give to charity, I'm unscheduled. Maybe it's age or fatigue, but I'm starting to LOVE unscheduled days. I should schedule more of them!


kelli said...

I hope Marty is feeling better soon!

Alex Polikowsky said...

How is Marty?

Sandra Dodd said...

It's mono. He was kind of sick for a little over a week, then REALLY sick for six days, and now he's better. He gets tired, but they say he'll be fatigued for weeks and maybe months. He's going back to work tomorrow morning, and then each night for the rest of the week, if he feels good enough.

It's awful having a sick kid. I never knew what that would feel like. Even with him 19, it scares me and it kind of makes *me* sick, in some vague abdominal place.

Two visits to urgent care (they charged us for both), one doctor who lied and couldn't read the lab report, one doctor who was very nice and could read it and told him his body's doing what it's supposed to do, and wrote him a note for work. Painfully irritating for me, but Marty is better and that's the good part.

kelli said...

Thanks for the update, I was worried about him. I'm glad you found out what it was and he's on the mend. It is scary when our kids are sick, I'm sure that'll never change, no matter what age they are. take care-- all of you!