Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can the world be ending *again*?

BACKGROUND: Deb Lewis sent a link to the video at left, and entitled the e-mail "This seems appropriate today."

I called Keith. Meanwhile Kelly Lovejoy wrote "OK---so how do I apply that to our curriculum? Was that physics or music or astronomy or drama or history or math or....
Or...wait---oh yeah,...."

And after my conversation with Keith, I wrote this:

Well for me it was current events, only I had to call Keith at work and say, "So... is there some science news today involving particles?" So he told me about them having turned the thing on this morning in Switzerland and he was trying to tell me where it was and how big, but I'm all "Yeah, yeah yeah, I know that; I just wanted to know why today." (He can't watch YouTube at Honeywell.)

So he told me about the end of the world predictions and that some geek has said if they DO create a black hole it will travel out and away from earth without doing any damage, and that the guy was an idiot to say so. But anyway, I think I'll put it on my blog and put some other end-of-the-world predictions with it. At least a Prince song I heard yesterday--not, of course, for the first time, but I didn't know it would be significant if I knew we were on the eve of yet another end-of-the-world day.

And how should people act when they believe the world is going to end? I'm thinking... live every day as if you're glad to be there, if you can manage to do that.

Here are some end-of-the-world songs you can listen to while you wait for news of the Large Hadron Collider.


Sylvia said...

The End of The World as We Know It


Anonymous said...

Sandra, I am having trouble with my speakers not working...darn!
Will the podcast thing always be on your blog so i can listen to you when i fix them?
Heather Greek

Sandra Dodd said...

I'll try to keep that podcast, and if I don't have it, Kim will!

Cap'n Franko said...

When they exploded the first atomic bomb, the scientist were taking bets on whether or not it would continue igniting ALL the atoms around it and destroy the universe.

Ahh those wacky cutting-edge scientists.

Greetings from Italy!