Sunday, September 14, 2008

Marty in photos, Holly in thoughts

I missed the Friday fill-in. I've been sickly. Sickish. My insides are quiet. That's kinda nice. Kind of waiting, inside. I don't mind.

Holly posted two new photos of her and Marty, and I'm looking for them in her storage. She's house sitting and so I haven't seen her since Friday afternoon. I've seen Brett, her boyfriend (pictured with Marty at right) and so I know she's okay.

Those of her and Marty are new, and it was fun to see them, in her MySpace photos.


kelli said...

I'm listening to Alec and Abbi rock out on Rock Band 2 and I looked at the bottom pic of Holly and Marty and it looks like they're rockin' out too. "One way or another.. I'm gonna.." hehe.. I like that picture.

Sandra Dodd said...

They must've been rockin' so hard they rocked the house! Check the tilt of that window.

Ren Allen said...

I missed the Dodd energy at the conference!! WAh.