Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holly bought a little tree

With the money Holly earned at work, she has bought Christmas gifts, but with the money her grandparents sent her, she bought a bonsai fig tree.

It's going to live in her bathroom.

I took those two photos above
but here's one Holly took
of herself and her tree:


Happy Campers said...

Oh my Dad had that same exact wallpaper in our bathroom at his house! :)

I love the last picture that Holly took of herself...

Sandra Dodd said...

I bet your dad doesn't have it covered over with pictures of Zac Efron. (and Prince, and what's his name from Lost)

Holly's good with that little camera!

Jenny Cyphers said...

Holly takes some cool self portraits! I wish I could do that! I need some decent photos of me for profile pics and mine always turn out goofy looking...surely I'm not really that goofy looking IRL!

Love the hat!

Anonymous said...

Holly gets more beautiful every day and I love her clothes style. She puts together a hat with a shirt and such, it looks so cool!
Heather Greek