Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A little bit of snow

People who don't live where it snows see the dramatic and artsy snow photos. They don't get to see what a tiny snow does. This was snow after rain, so where it's wet, the snowflakes can melt into the water. There's snow on the roof in the background. That's the north side of the house. Surfaces that collect a lot of heat (concrete) will melt snow first. Wood, plastic and plants will collect it early. Fence wire and string collect snow, and it can pile up high on something narrow if there's no breeze.

Here's a bale of straw, and snow on two bare branches above it.

On chrysanthemum and strawberry plants.

Snow isn't always beautiful. I'm almost always glad to see it, but it's not always Christmas-card snow. It does somewhat water the yard, but it can be dangerous too (for walking and driving). Sometimes, in the desert, it doesn't water the yard because it evaporates instead of melting, but there's usually *some* moisture kept, and it doesn't run downhill like rainwater does.

Holly was just called in to work. Marty's watching The Office (American, on a Netflix deal through XBox 360) Keith came home early so we could pick his motorcycle up from the shop where they rebuilt the engine. I put it on my charge card so I can get Amazon credit. I'm listening to The Blue Sky Boys, farting around on the computer and doing a load of laundry. That sounds terribly non-productive, so I'm going to get up and go make Christmas cookies!

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