Thursday, December 04, 2008

New Phones

Marty and I got new phones today. It was quite an ordeal, reading all the options before we went, looking things up, asking for advice, deciding this way and that way. Sheesh... I'm excited but exhausted, and I have a steep learning curve here. I was familiar with my little Gilligan's-Island-playing phone without a camera, but now I have a camera that's also a phone. I got a "Motozine," a Motorola ZN5 and then Marty and I went to Blake's to sit and eat and see what we could figure out.

Mine works! (Marty's works too, but he sent it to other people than to me—a photo of me holding my camera with a photo of Marty on it.)

I'm so tired, and hours and HOURS of phone thinking, looking, talking, trying... I remember when the kids were little and they would be more tired after a load of thinking and learning than from physical activity. I feel like that.

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