Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peace and Prosperity

I got a thank-you note and a pointer to this blogpost: It's always good to know someone has gained peace and fun from things I've written, but it's sad for me to go to a less radical site and see that people are so at odds with their children. There's nothing for me to do but keep doing what I'm doing, though.

Holly got her first paycheck last night. I went with her so she could deposit some in savings and cash some out. When she worked her lucrative babysitting job last year she was paid in cash (often in ones because the dad was a DJ and paid her with his tip money). This new one was a corporate real check. She and Marty have gone Christmas shopping, and he will take her to work afterwards, and go to his Thursday roleplaying session.

I'm feeling jumpy and unsettled, and am just using that energy to do little things I've been putting off—things that don't take long. It's kind of a nervous nesting feeling, like I should stay home and gather, or daub, or fortify. Like some cave-mom instinct I can't read. I'm trying to feel it rather than ignore it. It seems winter-related. Maybe changing sheets would satisfy it some.


Lynch Family said...

When I get like that my very sensitive husband often suggests that I do some "recreational vacuuming." I truly love my vacuum and find it really does soothe my soul. Maybe it is the white noise, maybe it is a few minutes of being able to impose order on chaos, I love to vacuum. Wishing you peace today!

majikfaerie said...

congrats to holly on her first cheque! I remember that was exciting for me.

I often find when i get that restless feeling just diving into cleaning up cluttered spots helps. just clearing out some energy that's stagnant works for me. it can be so easy to look over things that have been sitting around for a while; I get used to them. but the difference when they're cleared away is amazing :)

Madeline Rains said...

I love the idea that that feeling (which I'm having too right now)comes from our cave woman roots. It's the first time I've ever experienced it this strongly and my house has changed drastically. But relaxing more, once again, will be nice, eh?

David Black said...

Sandra: I'd like to know what academic training and state issued teaching certification(s) you possess to believe you can do better than a professional?

Tell me, when you or your children are sick, do you forego a visit to to a licensed physician as well?

Sandra Dodd said...

David: If you really want to know something, do what my kids do. Google it! But there are links right on this page to information about me. You didn't need a trained teacher to spoonfeed you that, did you? Well, here I am with teacher training and everything, though I was never trained to teach someone to click a link. (There's one below, just for you.)

-=-Tell me, when you or your children are sick, do you forego a visit to to a licensed physician as well? -=-

Some people do avoid doctors, even though their kids are in school, or they don't have kids, so it's quite a non-sequitor. I've been to a doctor within the past month. My daughter's going to the dentist this afternoon for a routine long-scheduled visit. This has nothing to do with unschooling, and so it's not on my site.

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