Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More snow bits

Monday morning:

Monday evening:

Tuesday noonish:
Icicles forming on the plastic above the compost pile by the drain in back:

Water bouncing up and forming a raised edge of ice around a bucket in front, ice on the plastic netting, and the sky becoming blue again.

"Shadows" of objects, where the snow didn't fall. Inside the pan is a curve from the tub above. Under the pan is a place where the snow never fell. And it makes patterns as it melts, too.


Stephanie said...

We had snow the other day too (TN)
it's amazing, I guess many places across the country are freezing right now that normally don't.

Tracy said...

It looks like your snow is a lot wetter than ours here in middle Kansas. We are expecting more "moisture" with our snow this evening.