Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Excitement, my kids, a van

Holly, recently, in or near London. Other than that, interpretation or narration is beyond me.

Marty and Ashlee recently, either at the Balloon Glow, or at the River of Lights at the Botanical Park:

And those same people on their way to al-Barran Midwinter. Marty said "Are you going to take our picture every time we leave for an event?" I thought, and then I said "I wish someone had taken my picture every time I left for an event." Really, it would've been a great record of some costumes I gave away, or loaned out and lost, or wore out.

I'm still waiting for photos of Kirby and Roxana dressed up for his company party/dinner/whatever it was last week.

Keith got me a used minivan today! It belongs to both of us, but it's for me and Holly to drive. Keith said Holly can use the Ford Taurus while she's home, but I say if she wants to drive this one, that's fine. And now when Kirby's here for a while in January we can all go somewhere at once in one car, or there will be enough cars for him to use one. I'm excited about it. I've usually had a van "of my own" (primarily mine), since the mid-70's, and this is the fourth of that line. :-) I had a twelve-passenger Ford Econoline, then a fifteen-passenger (less fancy; more room) after that. Drove that one past the point of repair. Then there was a used Dodge Caravan. Loved that van, and drove many kids around, and the dog, and used to scavenge scrap and firewood while Kirby was at karate classes. Then that one gave up the automotive ghost, not long after Holly started driving. My #4 my-own-van is a black 2008 Chrysler Town & Country. It will take a while to get used to it, and it has a slight resemblance to a hearse, but someday it will be my old car.

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Holly said...

First picture- On the London Duck Tour duck bus.