Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Business and me

December 22 Startup. What's a business that you found this year that you love? Who thought it up? What makes it special?

Ed, at the Shape Note sing, cut words out of wood and I bought one. That was nice.

I tried to put it on the scanner so you could see the wood grain, but it's bigger than the scanner bed.

I bought two hats that Jenny Cyphers made.

I could name another couple of places, but maybe I didn't find them just in 2009, and maybe I don't want to tell where I'm buying Christmas gifts, but maybe after Christmas I'll mention a couple of favorite mail-order sites that are fun to poke around even if you don't buy a thing.


zamozo said...

Does Ed have a website? "Frolic" is my mom's boat's name!

Sandra Dodd said...

I bet he does not, but I'm supposed to see him on New Year's Day and can ask him to do another "frolic" for me, if you want to snag this one in Santa Fe in January.