Friday, December 25, 2009

Gift of the Present; Presence of Gifts

Keith and Marty and I opened gifts in the room that was lately Holly's room, which was Kirby's room for many years before that. It was as close as we could get to being all in one place.

Mica, from Australia, shared the link to this in the unschooling chat today. In Australia, Christmas is in the summer. In the 21st century, Christmas has changed anyway... And this is sweet:

December 25 Gift. What's a gift you gave yourself this year that has kept on giving?

I went to England and Wales, and the benefits are still unfolding.

It's not "a gift I gave myself," as Keith agreed to the financing, and to taking care of hearth, home and kids while I was gone. It wasn't just for my benefit, though I did have a wonderful time!


Sally said...

I watched the Tim Minchin video (although I didn't know his name was Tim Minchin yet, and his hair and eye shadow were vaguely off-putting, but I clicked on it because I nearly always like stuff you recommend), and it was very enjoyable. I went to YouTube to see some more of his stuff and watched a song called "Not Perfect" that he describes as feeling like "the smallest doll in a babushka doll." Of course, I thought of you again, and the conversation about matryoshkas. Full circle.

Thanks for being a big part of my year. You kept me grounded, though you may not have known it. Merry Christmas, Sandra!

Sandra Dodd said...

Sally, thank you for bringing his name and another connection! I might put that other video on the page to which (I guess, I suppose) you were referring which is here:

Kez said...

I'm a big Tim Minchin fan but I hadn't heard that one. Very sweet! I've watched a documentary of when he was getting started in his career and he seems a very sweet guy underneath the persona (basically adopted to stand out from the crowd).