Saturday, June 02, 2012

Philadelphia and the last turkey sandwich

I was at the wrong gate. I'm lucky to be in Philadelphia at all.

I'm glad to be here, because I discovered I was at the wrong gate when the crowd cleared and didn't replenish itself.

There's a gate change here, too, but I plan to triple check when the time is near.

I got hungry on the flight, so I got out thinking "All I want is a simple $8 turkey sandwich," and I only had to walk about a quarter of a mile to find one. Success!! If I get a sandwich in England, it should be a chip butty, or have cucumbers or fish or something.

So out the window 50 miles as the plane flies from Philadelphia, I saw pretty, stripey farms cut out of the forest. There were trails cut for power lines. In New Mexico, farms are irrigated out of the desert (if they're not right by the river, anyway), but here they seem all carved from surrounding woods.

From the plane I saw a deep, deep... pool? Greenish water. An old quarry, maybe, with trees all grown in on the terraced parts. Maybe just a mine, but it had been disused and growing trees for a long time.

I'm trying to charge up all my "electronic devices" before getting on the long flight. My phone is dead (for no good reason), but the outlet is full and It's about to be unused for many weeks, so I think I'll just let that go.

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