Friday, June 29, 2012

Where I'm speaking

Today we went to a large playground, across the street from the school where the presentations will be tomorrow. We went to the school after classes were over to set up for Saturday.

That's what the biggest space looks like empty. At any given time, some of the adults and most of the children will be outside that window or in a playground down to the right.

I'm going to try to sleep extra long because my leg is hurting and I want to be alert and I'm falling asleep, even though it's not 10:00 pm yet. It's still bright outside, but I'm not so bright inside. :-)


Heather Greek said...

The Sciatica again? Hope your leg feels better so you can enjoy your time there.

Sandra Dodd said...

Different leg thing, Heather. Too much standing up all in one long stretch. I'm okay, though. Needed to rest.