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My best photos
Unexpected Details in photos
Holly on the train to Chama; Irene, excellently, by accident

England 2016
A Day with Sandra Dodd—18 Sept 2016, Long Ditton, Surrey
Memories of speaking in England two years ago (the overflow)

Clicking a linked name will go to a blog post about that particular aspect of the day. Clicking "photos" should bring up a gallery of photos from the whole day, with possibly redundant or inexplicable photos along with "important" ones.

These are here mostly so that I can find my own photo sets, but others are welcome to look, too, and to use the photos if credit is given. If they're not by me, I'll try to say so in a note on the photo. Generally, they're mine and have no notes. If a photo seems to make no sense, it was probably a detail of something taken so I would remember, or to show someone with a particular interest.

Australia 2014
First week with Schuyler Waynforth's family, part 1 photos
Schuyler's Bird Feeder Rainbow Lorikeets, and more
Butcher Bird video
Staghorn Fern
Trip to Murwillumbah, March 4
First week with Schuyler Waynforth's family, part 2 photos
Cairns, Kuranda, Mount Molloy photos

Minnesota, May 2013,
Always Learning Live in Minneapolis, Jill Parmer also spoke, and we stayed with Alex Polikowsky for several days. Minnesota photos
Europe 2013
May 24, 25, travel and Ashford, groceries (photos)
May 26, Carboot sales, and church in Ashford Sunday evening (photos)
May 27, went to get Adam from scout camp (photos)
May 28, Slough mall, National Gallery, Trafalgar Square (photos)
May 29, Lisbon arrival, park, view (photos)
May 30, Tiles, groceries (photos)
May 31, Marta's neighborhood (photos)
June 1-2, Symposium The photos by Antonio Souto are the best, but there are some by me, somewhere first day photos, and of the neighborhood, and pizza delivery and second day, this'n'that
June 4, Sintra, Moorish castle, museum (photos)
June 5, Caldas de Reina (photos)
June 5-6, Obidos (photos)
June 7, Costume Museum, Garden, grocery store (photos)
June 8, Lisbon flea market (photos)
June 8, Catia, Marta & Sandra, short tour (photos)
June 15, Uffington White Horse, with Cathy Koetsier, James Daniel, Joyce Fetteroll (photos)
June 18, Alison took us to Wales (photos)
June 25, Selkirk, Yarrow, Wheelbarrows (photos)
June 28, Selkirk back to Ashford (photos)
The Netherlands
June 29 Symposium in Leiden (photos to come)
June 30 (and some other days, in part), at Rippy's house (photos to come)
July 1 Parents and children on bikes, going to school in the rain (photos) but they're the same as the blog)
July 2 Archeon living history museum and some things from the journey there and back: photos
July 4 Zaltbommel, Olga and Hans' house, Sint Maartenkirk, cemetery, city castle and museum, city wall, river, shops photos
July 5 The Hague, and the Escher Museum ← blog post (photos)
July 9-10 Liverpool: Taxis, and Ice Cream Trucks. Full set: (all photos)
        Blog post with three artsy Liverpool photos
July 15-17 Chichester (photos)
July 21 Hollycombe Steam in the Country (photos)—there were more steam calliopes than usual, and other mechanical musical instruments, because it was a special day featuring music.
[Videos will be added here.]

Years go bottom to top, but days within a year go top to bottom. Sorry about that. Earlier years are below.

Florida, October 2012
Keith, Holly and Sandra went to Un in the Sun near Tampa (Treasure Island, Florida) (photos)
Here is the story of the octopus: Octopus in a bucket

Europe 2012 (Blog of summer 2012 travels)
June 4, Ox Roast in Windsor,
Beacon lighting in Staines (photos of )

We also saw the changing of the guard that day, at Windsor, and followed them to the barracks (with Addi Davidson, Jill Parmer's daughter)

June 6, to France from London, stayed with Claire Darbaud in Prevessin Moens←blog post —  more photos
June 7, to Yvoire, by boat photos
June 8, stayed close to Claire's house, visited Helene and went to the mall photos
June 9, to see Lyon,
and to visit Claire's mother and sisters; stopped by Fort l'Ecluse and Perouges photos of the day
June 11-13, Camping event near Geneva (spoke each day) photos
June 15, Ealing to see Adam in "Mary Poppins" photos
June 16, Toy Store and market day in Staines, Windsor Castle photos of the day
June 17, Pitshanger Park in Ealing, neighborhood fair photos
June 19, Adam's swimming, hanging out some photos
June 20, Legoland a blogpost and photos
June 21, Northolt Group meet (I walked around instead, took photos)
June 23, Tesco and Staines Market, daytime, Beaver Scout annual general evening
        Adam got "Beaver of the Year" award. photos
June 25, Tea at The Oakley Court Hotel blog post / more photos
The Netherlands
June 27, flew to Amsterdam, taxi to Rippy's, walked to see the houseboat,
walked through old part of Leiden (←blog post; more photos→) photos
June 28, boat tour photos of the day
June 29, met with other home ed families at a playground, set up the site photos
June 30, speaking in Leiden Follow-up Notes
July 2, Amsterdam with Rippy photos and one blogpost
July 3, Leiden Cemetery and to Wassenaar with Graham, and the beach, shops photos
Monday July 9 "Windsor Eye" (not its real name), Thames boat ride, Eton photos
Wednesday, July 11 Brooklands Museum
Friday, July 13, conference prep (some site photos)
Europe 2011
Sandra in the UK and France (2011) <--the blog; more photos:
What look like missing images in a couple of the slide shows are former photobucket slide shows; they're there for when I find what page or post they are on, and can reconstruct them with other code, so sorry for the taped-off doors, as it were. Regular photos are available in this format thanks to the knowledge and work of Vlad Gurdiga, who rescued my site (and continues to shore it up).

When you're in a slide show/gallery, to return to this page, click the arrow in the upper right

Staines, London, Ashford, May 14-18
the East coast train north, Linlithgow, near Penicuik, Edinburgh and thereabout, May 19
Yarrow Valley, May 27-30
Durham, May 30-June 1
Sheffield, June 1-4
Derby, Derbyshire (mostly Tissington Village), June 5-7
London, Leeds, June 7-12 (Leeds Castle in Kent, not Leeds the city in West Yorkshire)
To France, June 12 & 13
Home Ed Gathering in France (and other photos from June 14-16)
Play Park with Sandra Dodd, by Cate Matters, [used to be] on facebook, of the gathering at Arundel

France near the end, June 17-19 the washing machine
Ashford, Staines...June 20+
June 22-24 Winchester and Pulborough
The Allotment photos, June 23
To London with Carolyn and Ray, June 25 Victoria and Albert Museum
Hollycombe Steam Fair Day, June 26
Bristol and Bath June 27—29, 2011
Bristol and Stroud, June 30-July 1
Long Fields, July 2-4
Winchester with Koetsiers—July 3, 2011
Portstewart, Northern Ireland—July 8, 2011
Giant's Causeway and Portstewart—July 9, 2011
Kew Gardens and London—July 11, 2011
Last Day July 12 (Saw toilets at a bathroom fixtures store, delivered the bolo tie.)
India 2010
The blog of my trip to India in October and November 2010
Ganesha figures (I should add those I saw in India; these, I brought home)
Halloween Party (and a blogpost Sunday, October 31, 2010)
General, and first week (some duplicates)
Day 16, Bangalore
Days 17-18, Bangalore
Ganesha Swinging
Taco Bell GRANDE
Week 2 otherwise
Day 18, Tuesday, November 9
Pune, shopping
Week 3 Otherwise Museum, Pune
Shakthi's Art
Ram's 6th Birthday Party
Fourth week, various
Europe 2009 (Wales, England)
Blog posts with photos from that trip are in this blog, in July and August 2009; I hope to add some links.
Carleton Rode, Norfolk
Cromer, Letheringsett Watermill, Bunwell church (for the bell ringing rehearsal)
Unschooling Conference in London (not a great one)
Diss, Bishops Stortford to see Carolyn/Adelicia
Llanhared and Cardiff, and Welsh Faggot
Ashford, Surrey (my first time at Julie's house), and Windsor

Holly in England, May and June 2005
(Including a side trip to France, for a wedding, and though some of the photos became unmoored, they might eventually be restored there. I was keeping notes from Holly's calls and e-mails, with photos from Helene McNeill and Holly.)
And here are all the photos taken on that trip by Helene and Leon McNeill (or Jasmine, in London):
Woodcote, Chertsey
France crossing, wedding, Omaha Beach
London, Camden Market

East Yorkshire, 2000 (with Holly)

Cambridge and London, 1979

Other People's Travel Blogs:

Karen James' family in Japan, Fall 2013
James in Japan

Beth and Emma in Europe, Spring 2011

Minnesota 2007, Sandra spoke at a conference, Holly went; we stayed with the Traaseths in Bimidji. (photos)

Photos from 2005, mostly: Shutterfly


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