Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cromer, Letheringsett Watermill, Bunwell church

These photos and adventures are from Wednesday, July 22. On Thursday, July 23 I was so exhausted I slept twice during the day and only left the house to walk around it once.

We went to Cromer, a north-facing resort town. I didn't touch the water. I don't mind. It makes a complete set of watery-edge near-miss incidents. In the late 70's I went to Dover, saw the water from the castle, and from a fish & chips restaurant, but didn't touch it. 2000; Bridlington; looked at the water but didn't touch it. Three for three, but also three different parts of England, which is very cool. All the east, though.

We toured a watermill. The site is here: Letheringsett Watermill.

Schuyler, Linnaea and I went to Bunwell, one town over, to hear the bellringers practice. That was great. Some of the photos will be from Schuyler's camera because my battery has been short-lived between charges lately. I did do the vertical one with my panorama feature. Maybe that's part of what's making my battery cough and choke.

I was happy to just listen, but they offered to let us go up and pull the ropes to feel what it was like. Spiral stairs in a bell tower. Holly and I watched a bell ringing practice (peeked in for a bit) at Kirk Ella, and their ropes came down to the ground level, but these were up one floor. The "hand rail" was a rope, fastened in a couple of places. It was all flint wall inside.

St. Michael's and All Angels

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gail said...

I loved all the pictures!! I've never been to England and it makes me want to go. I'm getting off the computer now because in one minute it's Learn Nothing Day!!