Friday, July 31, 2009

Good news: I did not break my leg!

Bad new: My luggage fell over very gently, and the MacBook's screen broke very daintily. I didn't know it had broken until I took it out at Joy's house in Llanharan.

Good news: It still works.
Bad news: To get a new screen here would take until Monday and cost £450 and take until Monday.

I took a few photos in and from the train. Nothing remarkable yet, but it does look different and greener and hillier than Norfolk. That will surprise no one, I guess, but still it was beautiful for me to see it for the first time.

Joy and I are going to go out for box tape to stabilize the glass in a while, and I might need to upload the other photos later.



Schuyler said...

Dang, so the repack wasn't necessarily the best thing...

I hope box tape helps. I hope it more than helps, it heals.

Katy said...

Maybe your luggage got knocked over by a mischievous little Peruvian bear????

I have always wanted to take my stuffed Paddington Bear that my sister made and take pictures of him in Paddington Station!

Sorry about the computer.

Jocelyn said...

I'm glad about your leg, but -- HEARTBREAKING!