Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ghost sign in Newbuckenham, Norwich, American food

I first thought this say Holly, but I think it says "Boll's," maybe. Veterinary something or other.

It was on building to the left of this sign:

Just past that, this wall, which was twice as long as shows. Very nice. Simple. Just a wall between a house and the street, but I really liked it.

Ghost signs collected by various people. I think one certain blogger created that term but I don't have her blog address on this computer. I had another one, in Socorro, New Mexico here, and three in Bemidji (or another town near there) here, from when the Traaseths still lived in Minnesota and Kelli took me sightseeing.

In Schuyler's yard I found two odd things. No leaves, just a long, strong stalk. I showed the photos to a plant guy at the Norwich Castle museum and he said wild arum or jack in the pulpit, and that the flower is like a leaf and it was gone already, and these were the seeds. And poisonous.

The trip to Norwich:

Some interesting museum bits. We were in on the "Pop in for a Pound" rate. If you go an hour before closing, they let you in for a pound, but you can't do dungeon or ramparts.

American food with commentary:

We didn't go in. I was curious, but we were trekking with a schedule.

They also had "Lemon meringue with a ribbon of lemon curd." There weren't 31 flavors. I think there were twelve, and two of them particularly English. Didn't taste. Sorry, can't report. I bet the lemon one was really good. Tea and scones doesn't sound good to me.

Between the McDonald's sign and the mall entrance where I was standing is a church and a graveyard.

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Robin B. said...

Mmm. I think the lemon one would have been good, too. Lemon is my favorite gelato flavor.

Tea and Scones sounds like the UK version of Cookies and Cream!