Sunday, July 19, 2009

Church and operatives

The picture of the entry is distorted, taken from straight up through horizontal, but you can see the entry door and the bird's nest.

The American war memorial has to do with two mid-air collisions during WWII. I'll make a page of it so if anyone's searching for those names on the internet they can find the photos. At least one of them had a daughter because she had visited the church once—the daughter of W.C. Sawyer, I was told, by Chris's cousin, Anthea. And they said "Brewer" had been misspelled "Brower," but they recently changed it.

We were shown the bell ringing notes, and told some about the bells by a man whose name I didn't get, but who had walked me in before church and talked to me about the 80th birthday of the mother in law of one of his children, at his house the day before.

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kelli said...

Ok, I just have to comment again :) 700 year anniversary! cool. OK, I love the history, and yes, it does look just like a movie! Awesome :)