Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The town where Schuyler shops for groceries in quantity (past small amounts) sounds like "Windham" but looks like "Wymondham." There's a beautiful odd building they call the market cross, even though the cross itself is very long gone. It was like the office for the weekly market, and now it's the tourist office. There's an Abbey church. There are doorways and brickwork, and those early things are built-in boot scrapers in a whole row of dwellings. One had a spider living in it. One had flowers. Some were empty or had trash, but they didn't seem to be needed as boot scrapers since the streets have been paved a couple of hundred years maybe. (Maybe not so long...) One building used to be a butcher's shop but isn't anymore.

Then there's Schuyler's grocery store with the funky carts, the exotic baby foods and the wind and gripe cure (seemed to be alka-seltzer for babies), Old El Paso packaged foods with the office in Iceland and the manufacturing sites of those we read in Spain and Switzerland. What else... Oh! The breast screening clinic in the parking lot.


Rina said...

As far as I remember (but this was from 15 years ago in South Africa, so maybe the ingredients have changed) gripe water contains alcohol.

Unknown said...

Hi Sandra!! We are just back in California after moving from Ireland, where we used to buy that Ella's baby food for Theo. We miss it terribly! When on-the-go, it's really hard to beat that brilliant quick-suck squeezy-bag delivery method... especially for a 15-month-old who dashes past at the speed of light. We've been looking into having some shipped over, as we've just used up the last of the few bags we'd brought with us. So fun to see it in your photos! The 'Mexican Food' section of the supermarket used to really make me laugh as well, but we were just so thrilled to have access to taco shells (a relatively new import for Ireland).
Loving your reports from the road, & looking forward to meeting you in person in San Diego soon!
-Jessica Sexton
p.s. Happy belated birthday! I turned 40 yesterday myself. Go Leo!