Saturday, July 25, 2009

"the 1st Annual London Unschooling Conference"

I had nothing on July 25, 2009; I had posted the day before (Learn Nothing Day and my birthday) and the day after. So this post is actually being created April 30, 2012, to fill in some notes for the record.
Friday and Saturday nights I stayed with Schuyler, David, Simon and Linnaea at 38 Harrington Gardens, a hotel built of a townhouse. We were in half of what had once been a big drawing room, probably, with fancy moulding and floor to ceiling windows that opened onto balconies. It had been chopped into two two-story (loft on one side) apartments, with assorted beds to sleep three (two singles downstairs, a full and a single up on the loft, up some wooden 1970's stairs that went up in the corner near the window. Quite funky. I think we paid £300 for two nights; if I find a receipt or notes I'll bring that.

We spoke at "The Music Room" at 26 South Molton Lane, Mayfair London W1K 5LF26, owned by the family of the event organizer--a couple who lived half time in New England and knew Dayna from there. She was their keynote speaker. The event was not well organized, and one speaker didn't show up. Talks were recorded, but I never heard anything about the recordings later, and the site was taken down fairly quickly, as was the discussion list (on which there had been some mysteriously false reports about how big and broad the event had been). Some of the notes from that day:

Follow-up notes
Schuyler's talk: The Wonderful World of Television
The event announcement is archived at The Wayback Machine here:

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